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A Brief Introduction of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan (1162-1227), whose first name is Temujin, surname is hiyag borjigin ,was born in a Mongolian noble family in 1162, honored as the first emperor of Yuan Dynasty. His great - grand father,Habul Khan was the first Khan of Mongolian history whose younger brother was also Khan of whole Mongolia.Genghis Khan’s father was also the chief of a tribe.Genghsi Khan married four wives called Burd, Hulan,Yesui and Yesgan . He was elected Khan of the whole Mongolians in 1206 when he unified the Mogolian plateau and built the Great Mongolian Empire, noble title is Genghis Khan.He died in 1227 when he was 66. His grandson, emperor as a founder of the Yuan Dynasty honored him the first emperor of Yuna dynasty in 1265.Genghis Khan is the national hero of Mongolian and great person of Chinese also the giant of the world.He is a excellent politician, ideologist, militarist and also a person of head for unification, head for civilization,head for world.

Worshipping palace was built for him and the Ordos people were assigned as guard and take resposibility for sacrifice from then on.

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