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Events of Genghis Khan

In about 1170,his father was kill with poison by Tatar trib and he struggled years of hard life with his widow mother and younger brothers. These experiences breaded him to be brave and persistent.

Zamuha control the Mogolian tribe after Hudula Khan. Genghis Khan went over to him and then left him to start his own career.

Genghis Khan crowned himself as a Khan in around 1380s and fought with Zamuha.He divided hismilitary into 13 parts and last failed of powerless. This battle was named War of 13 wings.

Genghis Khan with Kele tribe helped Jin beat the Tartars in 1196. Then he beat the Naiman tribe with Wanghan,met the Naiman tribe again on the way back and beat Wanghan heavily. Genghis Khan was good at made use of contradictories and get himself him out of control of the Wanghan..

During in 1201-1202 united with the Wang han to beat Zamuha.

In 1204 eliminated the most powerful tribe of the plateau, became the biggest ruler of the plateau.

In 1206 crowned himself as the Khan of Mongolian Empire, titled as Genghis Khan, which greatly promoted the formation of a united Mongolia nation.

In 1205,1207,1209 Three great invasions to West Xia, enforcing the dynasty to offer their princess to sue for peace.

In 1211 started the war against Jin Dynasty

In 1215 got the middle capital of Jin Dynasty and perished their army, getting their north capital

In 1218 Perishing West Liao Dynasty

In 1219年, started invading other countries westwards with 200 thousand army

In 1220 got to Harazom(containing Uzbekistan city Samarkand now). The army arrived as west as Crimean Peninsula led by his generals.

In 1221 got the entire Holosan, chasing the enemy as far as Indian River but didn't got him.

In 1222 Set administration in the conquered land

In 1223 Return to his empire

In 1226 Started conquering the West Xia Dynasty and eliminated it in the following year

Genghis Khan died of illness on July 12th 1227, he offered a strategy to unite Song Dynasty to eliminate Jin Dynasty on his dying bed.

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