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The Historical Achievements of Genghis Khan

There are 3 periods of Genghis Khan in his lifetime. Before 1206 he was busy unifying the tribes in the north dessert to set up his Great Mongolia Empire. From 1207 on he was moving south, unifying the north China; after 1219 he fought west for his great empire across Asia and Europe. What he did was about his race, about China as well as the whole world. His achievements are shown in these directions. Generally speaking he is hero of Mongolians, of Chinese, and of the world.

Genghis Khan made never-ignorable achievements for Mongolians for his forming the Mongolian race and improving the Mongolian society.

1) Unifying The Mongolia Plateau
Many tribes and tribes’ leagues in all sizes are scattered over the various Mongolia Plateau in Genghis Khan’s time. Beside the Mongolia ones there were other big tribes such as tartar, kered, Mecrit, Naimang, Ongut and the like who kept combating each other. The continuous war slowed economy development and allowed the Jin rulers robbing and killing on the prairie.

Genghis Khan set up his grand empire under serious atmosphere with great intelligence and great mind, conquering many tribes and at last unifying the plateau, setting up the Great Mongolian Empire

The unification of Mongolia ended the combating confusion between tribes, forging them into one firm and displined country, bringing the prairie order and peace, along with convenience for development.

2) Pushing the formation of Mongolian race
There were about 100 big and small tribes before Genghis Khan combating each other, the set up of the Mongolian Empire ended the confusion and made the scattering tribes linked with each other, families are organized in hundreds and thousands, helping tribes get in touch with each other, breaking the borders between tribes, making people work and live together, when combating together under the guidance of Genghis. The Mongolian characters greatly cultivated people and helped run orders, and Mongolian became the common language between tribes. Mongolia is, since then, not only name of one tribe but also name of a race consisted by tribes, which means the formation of Mongolians.

3) Lifting the social production of Mongolia society
The tribes were transferring fiercely and confusingly from clan society to higher stage before unified by Genghis Khan with a quite poor production capability. The wars stopped and society was stable after unification, giving a suitable condition for production capability, comedy transferring was getting safer and more frequent.

The wars with West Xia Dynasty and Jin Dynasty in the south brought advanced technology and craftsmen, greatly promoted handicraft industry and agriculture.

Animal husbandry made further improvement after utilization, helping the poor race grow into a prosperous one.

4) Improving Mongolian Culture

In Genghis Khan`s reign, Mongolian common language were made, which has great effect to increase Mongolian culture and put government order into effect,Genghis Khan also ask to write a manual book about the laws and promulgate
the corpus juris.

Genghis Khan emphasize on absorbing various culture of advanced nation and the learned people, offer seats for them wherever they come from. Talents from Uighur, Qidan and Han were collected around him made great contribution to the Mongolian culture. The lag and obscuration Mongolian culture had been changed after the unification, greatly promoted the society development.


Force conquer outwards began in 1205 after Genghis Khan’s unifying Mongolia, beating the opposition fraction from the inside so as to remove  threats outwards and to crusade against enemies as well as enlarge territory. Genghis Khan made 6 movements in 23 years and finally perished West Xia Dynasty in 1227. The war against Jing Dynasty began in 1211 and areas north of Yellow River had been got on Genghis Khan’s death.

Ogedei, successor of Genghis ended Jin Dynasty in 1234, Kublian Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan ended South Song Dynasty, unified China.

Genghis Khan unified north China, grounding the unification of China. The wars of Genghis Khan against West Xia Dynasty and Jin is actually the unification war of China.

Genghis Khan’s westwards conquering unified various areas across Europe and Asia in a great emperor, stopping the long-lasting wars and confusion there, bringing long peace and quiet there, greatly affecting histories of both China and the world. The giant emperor built a broad way for the communications of economy, culture and trade between east and west, bringing light to the dark ages of the west. The 3 conquers of Mongolian army rewrote world history, modified world map, changed borders of countries.


The trade between east and west after the conquer to the west brought Chinese culture to Europe, brought them prosperous . The Great Empire built by Genghis Khan and his descendents open the west-east channel, promote the eastern and western cultura, pufprward economical communication and nationalsyncretize.


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